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Part 1:

Treyton is back! With shaggier hair and a sassier attitude, you know we had to take him down a peg. He explained that he knew exactly what was going to happen in the introduction -- our traditional blue slop. But, little did he know, the Slop Dropper had been loaded with gallons of chunky yellow slop. That, along with a chocolate cream pie, helped put him in his place. His first game is called Down, Set, Slop, and entails catching water balloons in his football pants. His reward? Getting creamy slop dropped on him from above while wearing football pads. Finally, he's off to Camp Slopalottaguys where he plays a traditional summer camp game before becoming a human s'more.

Part 2:

We put Treyton's knowledge of his home state of Florida to the test. It does not go well. For him. But we think you'll like the results including cake frosting in his armpits, grey slop, blue gunge on his big feet, a pie in the face and a splashing with water. Treyton then gets one last ditch attempt to prove he's a "very good boy" and maybe -- just maybe -- avoid the Final Slop Drop. Dressed in a very tight yellow singlet and floppy dog ears, he must go bobbing for bones. His reward for all those bones? A bunch of blue gunge!

Part 3:

We’ve finally reached the moment you've been looking forward to and which Treyton has been dreading: the most humiliating Final Slop Drop we've ever done. Watch as Treyton learns his fate for the very first time. He's immediately showered with chocolate syrup and feathers, then made to flap his arms and cluck like a chicken for a full minute. He is then subjected to five pies -- three coconut cream from the Loser's Luau and two regular whipped cream pies -- all followed by a giant, creamy slop drop.

Picture Pack:
Approximately 40 images from our shoot with Treyton.

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