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Part 1: It's time to give Treyton a big SlopTV welcome. Of course, that means a big load of blue slop for this hunky construction worker from Tampa. It becomes clear pretty quickly that Treyton is cocky and over-confident in his ability. As always, we're happy to do our part in fixing that. Ten gallons of blue slop and a chocolate cream pie provide a good start. In addition to including a preview of what's to come in other parts of the episode, we interview Treyton about what his first slop was like.

Part 2: Treyton knows he's not got too many changes if he wants to avoid the Final Slop Drop. However, he incorrectly assumed we were going easy on him by making his first stunt construction themed. In this stunt, the road to a chocolate pudding shower is paved with chocolate cake frosting. Next up, we let Treyton show off his basketball skills. For each basket he makes, he must do the stunt listed on the card on his forehead. The include peanut butting jumping jacks, pouring Gatorade down his jock strap and sitting on a cake, before getting a bonus slop. Last but not least, Treyton pays homage to one of his idols by floating like a butterfly, but getting slopped like a bee. With gallons of real honey.

Part 3: The Pie Catapult is back in action and ready to toss some pies! Watch as Tretyon puts his stubbly chin on the chin rest and then lets the mess commence. Treyton quickly earns the hot pink Flinch Factor, though. Even more pies continue to fly after he's covered in the pink mess. Next up, Treyton celebrates Fall by heading to the sloptv pumpkin patch, where he catches water balloons and is dumped with pumpkin pie filling. As always, the episode concludes with Treyton appearing before the judges of sloptv. Treyton them submits to their final humiliation and is sentenced to the Dude Dungeon in a bright green mankini.

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