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Part 1: Luke is larger than life. Almost literally. Measuring in at 6'6" tall, he's a player turned model from Florida; he also happens to be the tallest guy we've ever slopped. Don't worry though, the Slop Dropper's 10 gallon capacity was more than capable of covering him from head to toe. In this episode, hear from Luke about why he thinks he'll be able to avoid the big final Slop Drop and why this isn't the first time he's gotten messy. As always, Luke's introduction and interview ends with all that blue slop and a pie right in the face.

Part 2: Luke's long, messy road to trying to avoid the Final Slop Drop begins with Steakhouse Trivia. It doesn't take long before Luke has mashed potatoes down his pants, gravy over his head and a deluge of thick Thousand Island Dressing. A steak dinner wouldn't be completed without desert, so Luke soon moves on to a new take on Pie Patrol which culminates with pink pie filling. He then takes a seat at the Pie Catapult. Unfortunately, Luke earned the Flinch Factor early and had to continue to game covered in purple gunge.

Part 3: Okay, now things are getting serious. Luke is running out of chances to avoid the Final Slop Drop. He begins by competing in the Tighty Whities Rodeo. This is a game he himself called "humiliatingly fun." Watch as he slips and slides, writhes and falls, trying to get gunge covered underwear on and keep himself on our "bull." Then, he takes the first-ever trip to Camp Slopalottaguys. It's kinda like Salute Your Shorts  but instead, he's getting slopped in his shorts including an epic human s'more. But, of course, what we really want to know is did Luke impress the judges?  It doesn't seem so and Luke ends up in the Dude Dungeon in an orange striped jock strap. He is frosted, dumped with slop, gunge and a chocolate cream pie from above.

Extras: Here's a problem we've never had before  too much content!  To keep file sizes manageable, we had to cut out some conversation and some additional angles. Fear not, we've compiled them all here. Much like a SuperSlop, this compilation has a rough cut feel and no gameplay.

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