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Part 1: It's no surprise that Bry works as a model and is from Southern California -- from his looks to his attitude, he's got it all. But does that mean he has what it takes to avoid our signature blue slop? Not a chance! Bry's episode begins in the classic tank top and short shorts and get dumped with 10 gallons of blue slop followed by a cream pie right in the face.

Part 2: Bry strips down to his jock strap and pads for his next stunt -- a messy trivia game all about one of his favorite football teams. Punishments for incorrect answers include sitting on a cake, pouring ice water in his jock strap, getting dumped with thousand island dressing, and squishing refried beans with his feet. He endures each punishment like a champ and provides a running commentary, too. Next up, we debut a new game called "Tighty Whitie Waffles." In it, Bry fills his briefs with 10 whipped cream covered waffles before being doused with syrup and then pouring strawberry filling and powdered sugar all over himself. This segment ends with Bry playing "Pop to Slop" -- attempting to pop shaving cream covered balloons with his butt only to be covered in green slop.

Part 3: In his last chance to avoid the Final Slop Drop, Bry takes on the Pie Catapult. Wearing a pair of blue briefs, Bry places his face on the device, rolls the dice, and takes the consequences -- including a pink dump of the Flinch Factor! Our faithful judges consider all of what Bry's been through but determine he still needs a little more -- sentencing him to undergo extreme tar and feathering for his Final Slop Drop. After being covered in black gunge, Bry is covered in feathers and then made to cluck like a chicken for 60 seconds, all before being dumped with creamy yellow slop!

Picture Pack: More than 50 clean raw photos of Bry taken at the shoot. Including exclusive diaper photos from a stunt which had to be cut for time.

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