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Part 1: It's time one again to welcome another guy to SlopTV. This time, it's Anthony. He's an actor from Atlanta. His confidence in his ability to avoid the Final Slop Drop is wavering from the outset. While this isn't his first time getting messy, it's certainly the first time like this. Hear what he thinks about the Slop, his assigned wardrobe and see him get a big blue welcome.

Part 2: Anthony's sloptv experience rolls on. He takes the Pie Catapult like a trooper. We warned him that even the slightest flinch would result in a gunging and, though incredibly slight, we think you'll agree he earned the mess (even if he was skeptical). Anthony also plays Bop-It or Slop-It including three self-administered pies in the face and blue gunge. He also plays a re-imagined version of Sloppy Balls in which he has to nudge five plastic balls across a pool of gunge only to be rewarded with 10 gallons of tapioca pudding.

Part 3: Things really start getting serious in Part 3! Anthony goes out to the ballpark to provide his love for the Atlanta Braves. However, when he catches the last of the pop-fly water balloons, unfortunately for him, he gets turned into a human corn dog. The human sized food doesn't stop there. In "Pasta Problems," Anthony has to correctly id different types of pasta or dump Spaghetti-Os on his head and risk becoming a human sized serving of fettuccine Alfredo. Of course, the main event is seeing if Anthony can avoid the FInal Slop Drop. As you can see, our judges didn't take mercy on him and send him to the Dude Dungeon in a yellow jock strap.

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