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Part 1: Angel, a hunky construction working from the Northwest, begins his SlopTV experience like so many before him -- in a SlopTV tank top and short shorts preparing to have his first-ever mega messy experience. Before the slop drops, hear from Angel about his feeling regarding his impending humiliation, the outfits he'll wear, and the challenges he'll take on. When the small talk is over, thought, it's time for a huge Slop Drop.

Part 2: Angel's SlopTV experience begins in earnest by facing the Pie Catapult. He rolls the dice and takes his chances with this devious device! While he didn't flinch, we couldn't let him go without dumping him with gallons of pink gunge just for the fun of it! Next up, we send this sushi lover to the SlopTV Sushi Bar where he must move three tiny sushi rolls across our gunge covered sushi bar using only his face. His reward for completing this task? Gallons of eel sauce! Finally, Angel put his shooting skills to the test in a game of target practice that yields yellow slop, a cake sit, peanut butter in his armpits, ice water down his jockstrap, and a pie in the face.

Part 3: In the third and final part of his episode, Angel's in trouble. And he knows it! He tried to correctly answer questions about his favorite TV show but it doesn't go too well. To be punished, he is turned into a TV-worthy snack including sour cream in his underwear, guacamole in his armpits, having to crush refried beans with his feet, and being dumped with nacho cheese. Next up, he plays SlopTV classic Pie Patrol in tighty whities ending with an epic green slop. Finally, he learns from the judges that he didn't avoid the final slop drop -- so he's sent to the Dude Dungeon where his chest and armpits are frosted and the gunge and slop falls in massive amounts.

Photo Pack: 51 raw photos from Angel's shoot. While most are clean, we included some messy shots from TV trivia and Pie Patrol.

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