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Part 1:

Andrew's shoot begins like so many others -- with a get-to-know-you moment which culminates in a massive blue slop and a pie right in the face. Next up, watch as Andrew goes bobbing for letters to spell out his Mystery Mess. It ends in a torrent of tapioca. Andrew then plays Bop-It or Slop-It where messing up means a messy result ending in gallons of chunky green slop.

Part 2:

Next up, Andrew competes in a SlopTV classic -- Pie Patrol. He must move nine pies by sitting in them, then shaking and shimming them off. His reward? More slop, of course! Next up, is Andrew's Final Slop Drop. He's turned into a Tex-Mex Mess! He sits in sour cream, pies himself in the face, is dumped with nacho cheese, and pours refried beans on his head. This download also features a bonus mess not shown in the teaser pics.

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