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Part 1: Alex is a hairy hunk from L.A. who came to SlopTV to relive all those messy games shows of his youth. As he astutely notes, if getting messy is good, getting messy in your underwear should be great! Watch as we put him through the usual interview culminating with gallons of chunky blue slop and a pie in the face.

Part 2: Alex's quest to avoid the Final Slop Drop continues with a segment devoted to his love of animals. First, he has to go bobbing for animals in a vat of water; his reward is a vat full of neon green gunge. Then he has to correctly name each animal as a baby. Finally, he has to answer a slate of trivia questions all about animals. Wrong answers include messy consequences like a creamy load from the Slop Dropper, peanut butter armpits, and sitting on a pie.

Part 3: Alex's quest to avoid the Final Slop Drop continues. It begins with a bout with the famed SlopTV Pie Catapult which, despite his best effort, results in the Flinch Factor. Next, he catches 10 water balloons on his head before being dumped with syrup. Then, it's on to the judges who rule against Alex and sentence him to become a human Rice Krispies Treat served with a side of green gunge in the Unlucky Lounger.

Extras: We think it's always better to have too much video rather than not enough. This is a compilation of alternate camera angles that just didn't fit in the traditional episodes. This is a rough cut of extra footage which makes a perfect companion to your full episode purchase.

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